Las Vegas and Henderson Drone Pilots

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Welcome to the Las Vegas and Henderson Drone Pilots website.

Take action now!!

Help stop the proposed legislation that would limit your ability to buy and fly the best drones for your professional or recreational use.  Visit the Drone Advocacy Alliance to contact your state and federal representatives and tell them to oppose the Drones for First Responders (DFR) Act.  Do it now!

We started out as the Las Vegas and Henderson Drone Pilots Facebook group but have come to realize that we needed a place to post information that didn't keep scrolling off the bottom of the page.  We are going to keep posting and maintaining the Facebook page but we will use this platform for posting the latest (most current) information we can find that can be of use to the residents and visitors to the Las Vegas and Henderson area.

Our Mission Statement: 

To promote safe and legal drone operation

through education, mentoring, and practice.

If you have information that we should add to the website, please let us know.

Are you on the map?

If you are looking for a flying buddy or want other drone pilots in your are to find you, then get on the Las Vegas and Henderson Drone Pilots map.  If you don't want to list your home address, you can have "your pin" located at your favorite flying spot with your name/nickname, phone number, and/or email address so other drone pilots can contact you for flying or just talking about drones.

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YouTube Live Drone Shows

          List of shows by day of week

          Featured (don't miss these) Live Shows:

                    Sunday 5:00 pm United States Drone Society Live Stream

                    Monday 4:00 pm Pilot Institute Live Q&A

                   Monday                   6:00 pm      Drone Nation

                    Wednesday 12:00 pm Old Farts with Drones Talk Show

                    Wednesday 12:00 pm Drone Show Live

                    Wednesday 6:00 pm   FPV Freedom Coalition

                    Thursday 5:00 pm   Thursday Night LIVE (Ken Heron)

                     Thursday             6:00 pm      PiXL Drone Show

                     Friday.                   11:000 am    The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Live

Is it Recreational or Part 107?